Friday, August 11, 2006

Umm, so we just won

Seriously, we just won first at the Imagine Cup and got a giant $8,000 cheque. Unfortunately, Sam is still back at the hotel with a bad fever so he missed the awards ceremony. But at least he still gets money, and hopefully he'll be feeling well enough to party tonight.

We still don't have the on-site 36-hour film up, but hopefully we'll get that done soon. I left one rendering and set to automatically upload before we went to bed, but I think the company they were leasing the equipment from packed everything up before it finished. Word on the street was they were going to give us the contents of the drives on DVD but I'm skeptical. Anyway, keep an eye out for it, hopefully we can post it tonight.

As for a recap on what's been happening...

The 36-hour challenge was really intense, what with the lack of sleep for days beforehand. We batted ideas around for a few hours before coming up with the box concept (based, of course, on "Four Sides Perpendicular to the Base" by Ryan Marr, starring Graham Beasley). We grabbed a good night's sleep and then went back at it. We had a whole bunch of computer problems (system out of commission for more than 3 hours), but the judges were great about giving us some extra time.

I'm getting kicked out of the press room now (the only place with internet access!), more to come later.

P.S. Some more pics for you: Ryan at the hotel in Agra at the cultural night thingy, the team at the Taj Mahal (just as crazy awesome as it's supposed to me), and my gorgeous king-bedded, flat-panel-LCD'd, shower-windowed hotel room in Delhi (Microsoft maintains their unflinching position as mothafuckin P.I.M.P.s)

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